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We are ex-journalists. We worked at newspapers and magazines.
Then… we took a detour.

We still love sharing information with others. But we realized that more than covering current world events, we liked sharing general knowledge.

After all, we are passionate about history, anthropology, the arts…

Enter KnowledgeSnacks.

Our aim is to make knowledge accessible to all. For free.

Here you will find fun articles about your favorite historical figures and events. You can also discover the heroes of other cultures and a bunch of interesting facts about the world.

We make the articles short-ish and entertaining so that they reach more people.

And given our journalistic background, it is very important for us that the articles are well-researched and objective. In other words, that you can trust the information you are reading on our site.

We strive for accuracy and triple-check everything. If we find a mistake once we have published a piece (which can happen to even the best of us!), we immediately correct it.

We also strive to write about all cultures. We hope that in the near future, people from all over the world can find their heroes and countries represented on KnowledgeSnacks.

This site is made for you. So that you can binge on entertaining articles.