These Are the 8 Best Nude Beaches the World Has to Offer

Dare to bare. Those looking for the best beaches where they can relax, and enjoy the sea and the sun in the buff, have to look no further. Here are the eight best nude beaches the world has to offer.

8. Es Trenc, Majorca

Picture of a sunny nudist beach. Five people are swimming in a turquoise, calm sea, and four of them are naked.
(Photo: Joe Joe/CCBYSA2.0)

The turquoise shallow waters, the white sand, the sun, and the freedom to walk around in your birthday suit make this Spanish beach a favorite among European nudists.

Es Trenc is 1.2 mi (2 km) of undeveloped paradise. And it is the most popular beach in Mallorca, in the Mediterranean.

It is a bit more remote than the other beaches on the island, for it requires a walk of about 650 ft (200 m) to access.

Most beachgoers are 20 and 30 year-olds and families. The nudists gather on one end.

Unlike the other beaches of Mallorca, Es Trenc does not have water sports, except for snorkeling during the summer. There are some basic facilities like bathrooms, lifeguards, a few bars, and one restaurant. And further away, there are accommodations. Es Trenc’s beauty lies in its remoteness and relaxed vibe.

7. Cap d’Agde, Occitania

Cap d’Agde is in a league of its own. Cap d’Agde is both the name of the beach and the name of the resort that is just behind the beach. Cap is the largest nudist resort in the world. Cap has been nicknamed ‘the naked city,’ because it is pretty much one.

In this French resort/village, you can go naked to the bank, to the restaurants, supermarkets, shops, pharmacy, hotels, guesthouses, nightclubs, and certainly to the beaches. You can spend a whole weekend naked in the village without the need to go out to the clothed world.

Cap has three main beaches, which cover 1.2 mi (2 km).

The largest beach is family-friendly and is frequented by kids, grandparents, etc.

Beyond that, there is an x-rated swingers area, where only adults are allowed. There, many people have sex on the beach (not the cocktail, the real one).

Most nudists in this section are couples in their forties and older and a few young, single men.

The last section of the beach is the gay nudist area.

The nightclubs at Cap d’Agde are also sex-activities-friendly. And many of the clubs cater to swingers.

Most visitors to Cap are French, followed by other Europeans.

There are two ways to access the beaches. One is through the nudist village, but that requires paying a fee and registering. The other option is more private and free. It involves parking in neighboring Marseille Beach. From there, one can walk southwest 164 ft (50 m) along the beach until reaching Cap d’Agde.

6. Praia do Pinho, Santa Catarina

A sunny, curved, secluded beach pictured from the top of a hill. The sea is dark blue, the sand is brown, and the beach is surrounded by vegetation.
(Photo: Otavio Nogueira/CCBY2.0)

What is unbeatable about this Brazilian beach is that it has warm weather and warm water all year round. People in the buff might appreciate that even a little bit more.

The beach itself is 1600 ft (500 m) of niceness. It has whitish sands and a wavy, but swimmable, sea. There are lifeguards on duty and two bars right on the beach. Praia do Pinho also has a clothing-optional hotel and campsite nearby.

But in the family-friendly beach itself, nudism is mandatory.

Praia is surrounded by mountains and vegetation, so the beach is quite private. The staff of the campsite even ensures that no one takes pictures on the beach.

And for those who did not make the trip fully equipped and need to rent umbrellas and chairs, they can do so for a reasonable price of $10. The food and drinks are also on the affordable side.

Another pro is how easy to access Praia is. A bus from the nearby city of Florianopolis drops the passengers right at the beach’s entrance. While those driving can park for free.

Most of the visitors to Praia do Pinho are Brazilians and Argentines, but everyone is welcomed.

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5. Orient Beach, St. Martin

Orient Beach has all you would expect from the Caribbean. It has transparent blue, calm waters; unending white sands; and year-round warm weather, although some seasons are a bit rainy.

Nudists gather on one end of this 1.2 mi (2 km) long beach, which is on the island of St. Martin.

One half of the island is French and the other Dutch. The Dutch side is quite prudish, but the French side is liberal. All the beaches on the French side are topless-friendly, and some are outright nudist, like Orient.

Orient offers plenty of sports for the athletically-inclined. There is parasailing, jet skiing, and an array of other sports. But if you are the restful type, Orient is also ideal for you. You can just lounge around in this relaxing piece of paradise.

And Orient Beach is near everything. It has a few bars where one can get food and drinks and rent chairs and umbrellas ($20 the whole combo).

4. Platja des Cavallet, Ibizia

Picture of a sunny beach. On the left is the sand, on the right the transparent sea with some people bathing in it. A man walks on the beach.
(Photo: David Sim/CCBY2.0)

Another Spanish beach.

If you have been partying the night away in Ibiza, des Cavallet is the perfect spot to recover during the day. It is a secluded beach, usually not as crowded as other spots on the Spanish island.

One side of the beach is for clothed people, and it is family-friendly. The middle part is for naturists. And the southern end is where the LGBTQ naturist community hangs out. Des Cavallet is quite famous among the European LGBTQ crowd.

The beach itself is gorgeous, with white sand and blue transparent waters -although the sea is for stronger swimmers as it is not exactly calm. There are plenty of amenities in des Cavallet, from bars and bathrooms to umbrella rentals.

3. Red Beach, Crete

If you want it to be just you and nature, this is the place. And it has a stunning view, too.

Nudity is allowed everywhere in the 1,000 ft (300 m) long beach. The Red Beach in Crete is a family-friendly environment where everyone is laid-back.

There are two options to get to this secluded spot. One is by sea -by small boat, kayak, or jet ski. The other is for the fit, for it requires a 30-min walk from the village of Matala, under the Greek sun, and through rocky terrain.

The beach itself has reddish sand and blue waters. Since there is no shade anywhere, and the only shop in the area is not always open, visitors better bring their own umbrella and towel, along with food and water.

2. Haulover Beach, Miami

Haulover is in the middle of it all, in northern Miami. And it is easy to access by car or public transportation. Which explains its popularity: it has more than 1,4 million buff visitors every year. It can get a bit crowded.

This clothing-optional public beach is part of a larger park, so there are many amenities around. Visitors can play golf, tennis, or volleyball before they head to the nudist section.

Once there, they can choose their favorite spot. The LGBTQ community hangs out on one side, while the other side is packed with couples, kids, and single nudists. People of all ages and body sizes wander comfortably around.

The beachgoers can rent umbrellas ($15/day), so they don’t get overcooked, and chairs ($10/day). And there are food trucks parked nearby in case one gets hungry. Haulover also has showers and restrooms.

And since it is in Miami, one can count on nice weather almost all year round.

A word to the wise, though. Since this beach is in the middle of the city, there are high-rise buildings nearby. So those who prefer a more private nudist experience may want to check the other beaches on this list.

1. Montalivet, Aquitaine

For those looking for the perfect relaxed nudist beach, this is it.
Montalivet is an underdeveloped area of Aquitaine, in France. It is surrounded by forests and marshes.

The beach itself is wide and 7.5 mi (12 km) long, so even during the summer, there is plenty of room for everyone. People walk or jog while others play volleyball, soccer, surf, sail, or swim. During low tide, the ocean is ideal for swimming. And if anything goes wrong, the lifeguards are there to help.

Next to the beach, there is a small town that has plenty of restaurants with delicious French food. The town also has free parking.

Technically, only a part of the beach is fully nudist. In reality, naturists wander all along Montalivet Beach. After all, the European naturist movement was born here some 60 years ago.

People even practice surfing in the buff. Do not know how to surf? Not a problem, there are several surfing schools in the area. And those that wish to stay for a couple of days can pick among campsites, rental houses, and resorts. Some of them are for naturists, aka, nudists.

The vibe of this beach is relaxed, safe, and family-friendly. And the sunsets are superb, which makes Montalivet the best nude beach in the world.

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