18 Celebrities That Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Updated April 13, 2020

Plenty of celebrities have been infected with the new coronavirus. Some had mild symptoms, others had a hospital scare, while others, sadly, died from the ultra contagious disease. Covid-19 has not spared anyone… not even royals or Oscar-winners.

Here are 18 celebrities and public figures who tested positive for coronavirus:

1. Idris Elba, actor

Celebrity Idris Elba speaking at a conference.
(Photo: Harald Krichel/CCBYSA4.0)

On March 16, the popular actor announced on Twitter that he had coronavirus.

He was asymptomatic, but someone he had socialized with days before had tested positive.

Idris was about to begin filming a Netflix movie and was going to be surrounded by co-workers. So he decided to take a test and began self-isolation, just in case.

On the morning of the 16th, the results of the tests were back, confirming he had Covid-19.

That same day his wife, model and actress Sabrina Dhowre, arrived in New Mexico to be by his side. And she, too, caught the bug.

Quarantined Idris Elba is annoyed, stranded, grateful

Throughout his quarantine, Idris kept posting videos. In them, he updated his followers on his symptoms, advised everyone to observe social distancing, played guitar, and thanked all for the support and encouragement. He also gave a shout out to those dealing with the crisis from the frontline:

“Especially the doctors and nurses and the healthcare people that are doing their thing. You lot are amazing and should be fully appreciated.” 

He even did a FaceTime interview with Oprah on the 21st.

The actor says he and his wife find it incredibly hard to sit still, so the self-isolation was hard for them. And on March 20, the Briton admitted that he had an inkling that he was starting to drive Sabrina crazy.

The 47-year-old thought the disease was going to hit him harder since he is an asthmatic. Yet, fortunately, both he and his wife remained asymptomatic through the 14 days of isolation.

On March 31, he announced their quarantine was over. But the Elbas were still stranded in New Mexico, where he was going to start filming. They could not get a flight to return home to London.

“We’ve passed the quarantine period, but we’re a little bit stuck in limbo. We can’t get a flight back home,” said Idris in one of his videos. “So we just have to sit still for a little bit. Other than that, we’re OK, and we’re so thankful for that. I think the worst of it has probably passed.”

2. John Prine, country singer

The beloved musician singing “Milwaukee, here I come

John’s wife and manager, Fiona Whelan Prine, took to Instagram on Tuesday, March 17. She shared she had tested positive for coronavirus.

The family had been in Europe two weeks before, so she thinks she may have gotten it there. Fiona reported she was feeling ill and had a slight cough and breathlessness.

While her husband, country singer John Prine, was feeling fine. His test had come back ‘undetermined’ for Covid-19.

Nonetheless, they were both self-isolating, even from each other.

And Fiona was a bit scared because of John’s age (73) and his pre-existing medical conditions (throat and lung cancer survivor). So she urged everyone watching her video to stay home.

Then, on Thursday, March 26, John was hospitalized due to coronavirus complications.

By Saturday, he was intubated and put on a ventilator, and on Sunday, he was in critical condition.

John Prine suffers a setback

“This is hard news for us to share,” wrote Fiona on Sunday (March 29). “But so many of you have loved and supported John over the years, we wanted to let you know and give you the chance to send on more of that love and support now. And know that we love you, and John loves you.”

The next day, Monday 30, things were looking up. Fiona recovered from the disease, and John was stable.

“He is stable. Please continue to send your amazing Love and prayers. Sing his songs. Stay home and wash hands. (…),” Fiona wrote.

But then, a setback. On Friday, April 3, Fiona shared that John has been in the ICU for 8 days. He now has pneumonia in both lungs and other complications.

He is taking antibiotics and is quite ill. Yet, the family and medical team are hoping John Prine will be able to return home soon. As are his fans.

Update, April 9: Sadly, John passed away on April 7.

3. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, actors

Picture of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson standing in front of the camera, smiling. Tom has his arm around Rita's shoulders. They are both dressed down, wearing caps and no makeup.
Tom posted this picture on his Instagram on March 12, ratifying “We have Covid-19 and are in isolation so we do not spread it to anyone else.” He is pictured with his wife Rita Wilson in Queensland Hospital. (Photo: Tom Hanks/Instagram)

By now, most of the world knows both Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson had Covid-19.

They were the first mega-celebrities to announce their coronavirus diagnosis via social media.

“Hello, folks. @ritawilson and I are down here in Australia. We felt a bit tired, like we had colds, and some body aches. Rita had some chills that came and went. Slight fevers too. To play things right, as is needed in the world right now, we were tested for the Coronavirus, and were found to be positive.”

That was on Wednesday, March 11.

The 63-year-olds were in Australia since Tom is filming a movie about Elvis Presley there. He is going to play the musician’s manager, Colonel Tom Parker.

When the celebrities started feeling run down, they went to Queensland Hospital. There, they tested positive for coronavirus and remained in isolation for a couple of days.

Afterwards, on Monday 15, they left the hospital. And the duo continued their quarantine at their rental house in Queensland.

The coronavirused Hanks keep it light

Tom and Rita spent several more days feeling unwell. But in the meantime, they posted jokes and good-spirited messages on Twitter and Instagram.

On March 13, Rita wrote: “From here on out, the only Corona I want is from Mexico and you drink it.”

On the 17, Tom shared: “Hey folks. Good News: One week after testing Positive, in self-isolation, the symptoms are much the same. No fever but the blahs. Folding the laundry and doing the dishes leads to a nap on the couch. Bad news: My wife @ritawilson has won 6 straight hands of Gin Rummy and leads by 201 points.”

By March 28, the stars had recovered and were back in the U.S. And although they are no longer in isolation, they announced they would keep observing social distancing.

4. Prince Charles, heir to the British throne

Charles addressing the nation on Wednesday, April 1st, after coming out of self-isolation.

As a working Royal, the prince met hundreds of people until March 12.

Then, the British government recommended people older than 70 stayed home. So the 71-year-old prince kept a lower profile but still met, privately, with some people over work.

By Sunday 22, the royal was feeling unwell.

So the next day, he got tested for Covid-19 in Scotland, and the result came back positive. While his wife, Camilla, tested negative.

The couple self-isolated in different rooms of Birkhall, their Scottish home on the Balmoral estate.

Charles, 71, only developed mild symptoms and worked throughout his self-isolation.

About 10 days after falling ill, on Wednesday, April 1st, his doctors cleared him.

That same day, the prince released a heartfelt video on behalf of Age UK, a foundation he is a patron of. Age UK is trying to raise 10 million pounds to help the elderly during the pandemic.

In the video, the heir to the throne thanks health professionals and supermarket employees and says:

At such an unprecedented and anxious period in all our lives, my wife and I are thinking particularly of all of those who (…) are having to endure sickness, isolation, and loneliness.” (…)

“None of us can say when this will end, but end it will.” (…)

‘Let us try to live with hope… and look forward to better times to come.

Camilla remained in good health but quarantined herself for fourteen days as a precaution. She is now out and about again (in her home).

5. Rudy Gobert, basketball player

Dramatic shot of Rudy. The basketball player looks down like in penance.
Rudy’s post on Instagram on March 12. (Photo: Rudy Gobert/Instagram)

Rudy Gobert’s coronavirus diagnosis was the catalyst for the shut down of the NBA season. And other sports championships were cancelled soon after.

The French star was the first basketball player of the NBA to test positive for the virus. The next day his teammate Donovan Mitchell tested positive too.

But they did not remain alone for long.

In the following days, other 7 teams tested their players. And 14 NBA players -along with the owner of one of the teams- tested positive for corona.

The list of unlucky positives includes Kevin Durant, Marcus Smart, Christian Woold, and James Dolan. Most of them are asymptomatic.

From not his best move to making amends

After people found out about his diagnosis, Rudy was in the eye of the storm for a little while.

The 27-year-old had not been taking the pandemic seriously. Jokingly, after a press conference on Monday, March 9, he touched all the microphones and tape recorders placed in front of him. Two days later, he tested positive for corona.

A lot of people were not happy about that.

The Utah Jazz player has since profusely apologized for his lack of judgment. He has done so in every and all social media available to him, including Instagram and Twitter. As part of his mea culpa, he has apologized to all he may have endangered and has urged others to take the pandemic seriously.

The basketball player also reported he was feeling better every day. And on March 28, the local health authorities cleared him, which means he is no longer contagious.

Rudy has gone on to donate 500,000 dollars to assist those affected by the pandemic. The main recipients are the employees of the Jazz arena, families in Utah and Oklahoma, and the French health care system.

“These donations are a small token that reflect my appreciation and support for all those impacted and are the first of many steps I will take to try and make a positive difference, while continuing to learn more about Covid-19 and educate others, ” said the French athlete in a statement.

6. Olga Kurylenko, actress

Olga smiles while holding a puppy up next to her face. She wears a black hat and sits outdoors.
Olga was taken to a London hospital with a high fever. (Photo: Olga Kurylenko/Instagram)

The Bond girl was not as fortunate as the asymptomatic Elbas. Olga Kurylenko fell sick around March 10. She was taken to a London hospital, where she tested positive for Covid-19.

But the Hitman actress was sent home and told to take paracetamol to drive the fever down because hospital beds were reserved for the critically ill.

When she received her diagnosis, friends bombarded her with questions about the new disease. They eventually convinced Olga to share her symptoms and experience online to help with the general uncertainty about Covid.

On March 16, the 40-year-old told her Instagram followers that she had tested positive for corona.

“Locked up at home after having tested positive for Coronavirus. I’ve actually been ill for almost a week now. Fever and fatigue are my main symptoms.”

She kept answering questions from fans the following days.

“Thank you to everyone who has sent me well wishes, I’m overwhelmed with everyone’s kindness. I wanted to take this opportunity to answer the most common questions that I’ve been asked regarding Coronavirus. (…)”

And on March 22, the Russo-Ukrainian announced she had recovered:

“I have completely recovered. To recapitulate: For one week I felt pretty bad and was mostly in bed, sleeping, with high fever and strong headache. The second week, the fever was gone but some light cough appeared and I felt very tired. By the end of the second week I felt totally fine. (…)”

Olga remains in London with her son and has totally recovered.

7. Joe Diffie, country singer

The famous country music singer took to Instagram on March 18 to announce his concerts had been cancelled due to the epidemic:

“I just want to say to all the fans, the show cancellations are not my idea of a good time. Promoters, venues, etc are postponing these events, as expected with everything going on. These shows that are postponed are affecting all of us musicians and our bands, crews, drivers, etc. Please pray for all of us and hope we can get America back on track and back to normal. We definitely will miss all of the fans and we plan on rescheduling any shows postponed! Thanks for being the greatest fans ever! Stay well and see you out there soon!!!”

Ten days later, Joe Diffie was posting again. This time telling his followers he had taken ill:

“I am under the care of medical professionals and currently receiving treatment after testing positive for coronavirus (Covid-19). My family and I are asking for privacy at this time. We want to remind the public and all my fans to be vigilant, cautious and careful during this pandemic.”

More bad news for the Diffies

Sadly, just two days after that post, the singer-songwriter died in a Nashville hospital.

GRAMMY-winning country music legend passed away today, Sunday, March 29 from complications of coronavirus (COVID-19),” read his Instagram that day.

Joe Diffie was 61 years old. He recorded 13 albums and had many chart-topping singles throughout his career.

17 of his songs were on the Billboard 10, and 5 of them reached #1 (Pickup Man, Third Rock From the Sun, Bigger Than the Beatles, If the Devil Danced, and Home).

His death, along with John Prine’s, has shaken Nashville.

8. Andy Cohen, talk show host

Andy Cohen sits on the floor next to his standing toddler. They are inside the house, surrounded by furniture. The look intently at each other, beaming. The baby touches Andy on the shoulder.
Andy Cohen reuniting with his son on March 30. They had been apart for 12 days due to Andy’s coronavirus infection. (Photo: Andy Cohen/Instagram)

“After a few days of self-quarantine, and not feeling great, I have tested positive for Coronavirus,” the talk show host wrote on his Instagram on Friday, 20 March.

That day he was supposed to conduct his radio shows from home, but he had to postpone them due to his illness.

He had a low-grade fever, dry cough, chills, aches, fatigue, loss of sense of smell and taste, and tightness in the chest. His symptoms lingered from 10 to 11 days.

Andy Cohen said he had moments when he thought he was feeling better only to “then, like, 10 minutes later” feel ill again.

Netflix and Andrew Cohen’s oximeter

He spent his quarantine watching TV series, FaceTiming with his family, and checking his lung capacity with a pulse oximeter his doctor recommended. It is a device sold over the counter that tells you how much oxygen you are getting so you know when there is cause for alarm… and when there is not.

The worst part of the illness for Andy? Not being able to see his toddler son for about 12 days. Yet, when doctors finally green-lighted him to see Ben, Andy freaked out about infecting him, so he waited an extra day. They reunited on March 30.

The Missouri native is now back on air hosting Andy Cohen Live and Watch What Happens Next Live.

And about his health, he says: “I’m solidly at 90 percent.” 

9. Boris Johnson, prime minister of the UK

The prime minister informs the nation he has corona.

On Friday, March 27, the prime minister of the United Kingdom announced he had Covid-19. He did so via a Twitter video.

He was in a good mood. He said he had developed mild symptoms -fever and a cough- in the last 24 hours. And that England’s chief medical officer, Chris Whitty, had urged him to get tested.

The same day Boris’ 41-year-old health secretary, Matt Hancock, went into self-isolation, as did the chief medical officer. Both had begun feeling ill, and Hancock has since tested positive for the virus.

On Monday, March 30, Boris’ top adviser, Dominic Cummings, developed symptoms and went into self-isolation too.

In the video, in which Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces his positive test, he said:

“I’m working from home and self-isolating, and that’s entirely the right thing to do. But, be in no doubt that I can continue, thanks to the wizardry of modern technology, to communicate with all my top team to lead the national fight-back against coronavirus.”

His pregnant fiancée, Carrie Symonds, moved out of Downing Street (the British equivalent to the White House). She is now self-isolating elsewhere.

And members of the staff leave food and work outside of the 55-year-old prime minister’s door.

Following the UK guidelines, he will be in isolation for 7 days.

In the meantime, protocol required Boris to name someone to be in charge of the country in case his condition worsened. Boris chose the foreign secretary, Dominic Raab. And with his usual sense of humour called him the “designated survivor.”


But not everyone in the UK is taking his illness with humour. Boris is getting a bit of a backlash. On March 3, when everyone was already advised to keep a safe distance from others, he visited a hospital that had coronavirus patients. And he boasted that he had shaken everyone’s hand.

Others ask why the Prime Minister, who has mild symptoms, could get a test -and its results- in less than 24 hours, while so many other Britons can not get tested at all.

That last complaint received an official response.

The health secretary told the BBC: it is “understandable that people will ask the question.” And explained the chief medical officer has established a protocol for the pandemic in which a few members in government, “key to the national effort,” are indeed prioritized for testing.

Update: Boris in hospital and healing

On Sunday, April 5, the prime minister was taken into hospital because he still had fever and a cough 10 days after falling ill.

The PM himself tweeted on Monday 6 letting everyone know he was in good spirits and still running the country from his hospital premises:

“Last night, on the advice of my doctor, I went into hospital for some routine tests as I’m still experiencing coronavirus symptoms. I’m in good spirits and keeping in touch with my team as we work together to fight this virus and keep everyone safe.”

Yet, on Monday night, he was taken to the intensive care unit (ICU) where he remained for three nights.

Boris received oxygen therapy, but he was breathing on his own, without the need for a ventilator.

On April 9, he was released from the ICU. And on Sunday, April 12, the prime minister was well enough to leave the hospital.

10. Debi Mazar, actress

A close-up of Debi Mazar. The coronavirus-striken celebrity is smiling and wearing earrings.
The Entourage and Younger actress fell ill after her family did. (Photo: Toglenn/CCBYSA3.0)

Since the American star wrote in detail about her corona experience, let’s let her do the talking. On March 22, Debi Mazar posted:

“I have just tested positive for COVID-19. I AM OK! About a month ago my entire home (husband and two teen daughters) got an odd bug — low grade fever, headaches, sore throat, body aches, ears ringing and a dry cough. It cleared up quickly. Seasonal, I thought? But it felt unusual/different…”

 “Two weeks later, March 15th, I woke up with all those same symptoms but super intense body aches and 102.4 fever. I figured maybe I got the flu or.. Corona?” (…)

“I called a doctor/friend to ask if I could get the Covid-19 test on 3/16. He said NO, I didn’t meet the criteria. I hadn’t recently traveled out of the country & I hadn’t been with someone who had actually tested positive. I found this kind of a CRAZY criteria for a NY’er as I had taken the subway, gone to the theater, the grocery store, the pharmacy, hair salon, etc. I was the Mom who was trying to prepare the home and get supplies & bleach wipes, dry goods, extra food etc.”

Debi Mazar searches for a coronavirus test

(…) “A friend told me that CityMD/Urgent Care in my neighborhood had test kits. (…) ”

“I went on 3/17. First, I was tested for the flu — which was negative. Then, they tested me for Covid-19. I was sent home and told to quarantine myself until I had results, which would take 3-7 days (in S. Korea it takes two hours). Well.. today is day 5 and I just found out. I’m hoping I’ve been through the worst of it already. It’s very “morphy.” One day I feel crappy and the next I’m normal. Today my lungs are heavy, but I’m tough. I can breathe, and I’m going to heal here, in my own home!”

“My family is under quarantine for 14 days. They have no symptoms. I think we all had it possibly already? Who knows? Anyhow, stay home people! Protect yourselves & your loved ones. Build up your immune systems. Good Luck & God Bless us all!”

Since then, Debi, who starred in the series Entourage and Younger, has shared that she has been feeling better every day. The celebrity’s sense of smell and taste are returning, and her lungs are feeling lighter.

11. Prince Albert, ruler of Monaco

Close-up of Albert of Monaco. He wears glasses and is smiling.
On March 30 the prince told People Magazine: “Things are OK. I still have a little bit of a cough, but that’s pretty normal.“(Photo: hshprincealbertii/Instagram)

While Prince Charles has kept mostly quiet about his experience with corona, Prince Albert has been open and chatty about his.

The head of state of Monaco gave two interviews to People Magazine while in self-isolation. He gave the first one on the same day he received his test results and the second one after being cleared.

Albert told the magazine:

“My symptoms are flu-like, but it feels like a pretty mild case. I’ve a slight fever (…), a little bit of a cough. I’d a runny nose the first few days; that was the first sign. I’ve felt a little stuffed up, but that’s it.”

Before getting sick, he had been leading his country’s task force efforts. Since he had pneumonia a few years back, he had been careful to keep a safe distance from others and to use hand sanitizer constantly. Still, he kept a busy schedule and met hundreds of people.

He started feeling ill, so he got tested on the 13th but sent his results anonymously to the lab. “I didn’t want them putting me on top of the pile.” His positive results were back on the 16th.

Albert, the first head of state to get corona, self-isolated for two-weeks. He kept working from his private offices in the palace.

He exercised by walking through his gardens. And FaceTimed with his wife and kids who were staying at Roc Agel, the family’s country home in France.

And on Friday, March 20, the palace issued a statement on his behalf:

“HRH Prince Albert II was touched by the many expressions of sympathy that have come to him from around the world. His Serene Highness wishes to thank all those who have shown him their support.”

Prince Albert: “I hope I get a ‘Welcome home’ banner”

During the second interview, the 62-year-old disclosed he had been cleared on March 30:

“Things are OK. I still have a little bit of a cough, but that’s pretty normal. Having spoken to a number of other people, the cough goes on for a little bit. Otherwise all lights are green.”

And the prince was looking forward to reuniting with his family at Roc Agel. He had had a tough time being away from them:

“The house there is big enough that I can isolate. We have an extra bedroom at the end of the hall, and the kids are in rooms downstairs.”

“I’m hoping I get a ‘Welcome Home’ banner.”

The doctors have recommended he cuts down work the following weeks. And the prince has cancelled his public appearances for a month.

About the future, the Monegasque ruler says: “We’re going to get through this, but it’s going to take time.”

“It’s going to be a pretty sizable hit, and we’re looking at different stimulus packages for businesses (…) to recoup. Whenever the confinement does end, we can’t just open the floodgates and let everyone out on the streets again. (…) At some point, everybody is going to have to be tested to see if they’re OK.”

12. Rand Paul, U.S. senator

The senator gives a speech on stage. there is a US flag on the background.
Rand attended a fundraiser where three of the guests turned out to have coronavirus. (Photo: Gage Skidmore/CCBYSA2.0)

As a senator, Rand Paul had been attending fundraisers and meeting people all over the U.S.

Then the senator found out that three people that had attended an event with him in Kentucky on March 7 had tested positive for coronavirus. Rand had not had direct contact with them. But since he has a compromised lung -the result of an altercation with a neighbour-, he decided to get tested.

Six or seven days later, on Sunday, March 22, his test came back positive. He was the first confirmed coronavirus case in the Senate and the third in Congress.

Rand Paul’s coronavirus diagnosis is not met warmly

But the announcement of his test result was not greeted with the usual ‘get well’ wishes. The 57-year-old senator, instead, came under heavy fire and on many fronts.

1. Many wanted to know why he, who is a physician, had not self-isolated while waiting for his results like the guidelines recommended. At least other 29 asymptomatic Congressmen -like fellow Republicans Ted Cruz, Paul Gosar, and Matt Gaetz-, had also thought they could have been exposed during the first days of March, and they had self-isolated immediately. Even super-busy heads of states like Canadian Justin Trudeau and Germany’s Angela Merkel self-isolated after being with people that tested positive for corona.

Rand, on the other hand, while waiting for his results, had been golfing, going to the Senate’s gym, meeting with people, and speaking on the Senate’s floor. The average age of the senators he addressed on the floor is 63 years old, and 25% of the senators are over 70.

Me first?

2. Rand was asymptomatic. Tests are scarce in the U.S., and to qualify for one, the person has to have severe symptoms, to have been in close contact with someone with confirmed Covid-19, among other musts. Rand did not fit any of the criteria.

So the public started asking: why was he able to get tested in the first place when so many people with symptoms -including nurses and doctors– are turned down across the country?

3. Ironically, and worst for Mr. Paul,… he had just voted against a bill that would help fight coronavirus. One of the clauses he voted against proposed making tests widely available for all in the U.S. for free.

13. Harvey Weinstein, film producer

Close-up of a  smiling Harvey Weinstein
The infamous producer tested positive for coronavirus while imprisoned in New York. He has been moved to another jail since. Harvey Weinstein pictured in 2010. (David Shankbone/CCBY3.0)

The disgraced mogul tested positive for coronavirus on March 23.

Harvey Weinstein is the Hollywood producer who became a household name for all the wrong reasons after being accused of sexual crimes. He has been having a string of health problems. The last one is coronavirus. The 68-year-old has heart problems, high blood pressure, and diabetes. And during his trial, he could not walk without the help of a walking device.

The producer was imprisoned at New York’s Rikers Island, one of the largest prisons in the world. But after a coronavirus outbreak there, he was moved to Wende Correctional Facility, a maximum-security prison, also in NY.

At Wende, the 68-year-old recovered from the virus and is now out of isolation and quarantine.

The New Yorker was sentenced to 23 years in prison on March 11.

14. Sean Payton, football coach

Picture of celebrity football coach Sean Payton smiling.
The celebrity is out of the woods, and he wants to donate blood to help others fight the disease. Sean pictured in 2019. (Photo: Sean Payton/Twitter).

Sean is a former football player and current coach of the New Orleans Saints. He woke up feeling achy on the 15th of March. Since he also had a low-grade fever and some chills, he called the team’s doctor, who thought there was an 85% chance the coach had contracted coronavirus.

So the next day, on Monday, Sean Payton drove himself to the hospital and got tested.

By the next day, his symptoms were mostly gone. And when he got his results back on Thursday, he was surprised and anxious.

Sean was already feeling fine, but he had tested positive for coronavirus.

So he spent the rest of his quarantine learning about the virus, watching Netflix, FaceTiming with friends and family, and having a work conference call or two.

The 56-year-old was cleared by doctors on March 24 and has now gone back to work full time -via conference call.

He says he is 100% recovered.

And Sean is looking into donating blood. Among the cures being tested for the disease, there is one, currently undergoing clinical trials, that uses the blood of recovered patients to treat those severely ill.

“I’m waiting to hear if people like me are going to be able to give blood. I don’t know the specifics, whether that’s through a transfusion or plasma replacement. I know they’re looking to see if there’s a benefit to people who have had it and recovered from it and now maybe have the blood or the antibodies built up to help someone who has it.”

15. Slim Thug, rapper

The Houston rapper had been promoting social distancing for weeks. And he had been quarantining at home, only going out for the strictly essential, like shopping for groceries.

Even so, Slim Thug started feeling unwell on a weekend: he had a slight fever and a mild headache.

On Monday, March 23, he called his doctor, who told him to get tested for coronavirus.

Slim got tested right away, and the following day, the results were in. To his surprise (because of all the precautions he had been taking), he had corona.

Later that day, the 39-year-old shared his diagnosis with his Instagram followers via a video.

“As careful as I’ve been -self-quarantining and staying home-, I might have went and got something to eat or did some stuff like that, simple stuff like that, nothing crazy. Stayed in my truck, had masks, gloves, everything on, and my test came back positive.”

He advised his followers to: “Sit home, self-quarantine, do not come outside for however long they’re saying. If you have symptoms, you need to go get checked out or whatever.”

On Wednesday 25, he was interviewed by ABC13. And the rapper said that at the beginning, his doctor did not offer much information on the disease, so it was “a little scary.” “But at the end of the day, after I got more information, I felt better.”

He also told ABC13 that he was going to spend his quarantine making music. “I’m not going to go crazy. It’s only two weeks. This ain’t jail. I don’t mind waiting for two weeks to get back to life.”

On Tuesday, April 2, the celebrity told Fox5 he had completely recovered from coronavirus.

16. Daniel Dae Kim, actor

A man sits at a press conference. He is listening to someone's question.
(Photo: Ewen Roberts/CCBY2.0)

Daniel was on his way back to Honolulu from New York when he got a scratchy throat. So as soon as he arrived home, he self-quarantined.

Overnight, he developed a few more symptoms like chest tightness and fever. The next day he talked to his doctor, who recommended Daniel got tested.

The Lost and Hawaii 5-0 actor did, and three days later, on March 18, he found out he had Covid-19.

Since then, the Political Science graduate has uploaded three short informative videos on Instagram. In them, he updates his followers not only on his symptoms but also on the drugs that worked for him, the situation of the health establishment, and the current U.S. guidelines to come out of self-isolation.

Daniel Dae Kim shares his coronavirus insights

Daniel Dae Kim felt quite ill. And he credits a cocktail of drugs prescribed by his doctor (Tamiflu, an antibiotic, an inhaler, and hydroxychloroquine) for his recovery.*

He also commented that after being almost recovered, he fell unwell again. And that his doctor had explained that it was normal. It is called post-viral inflammation, which is part of the body’s natural recovery process. And it can last for days or weeks.

The South Korean actor said he would not be getting a second test because they were required for the really sick. But that he had already met the medical criteria to come out of self-isolation.

And he joked he had “been released into the wild of my very own home,” since he could now roam the rest of his house and mingle with his wife and kids… and take out the trash.

Daniel and his family will still observe social distancing and only go out of the house for the strictly necessary.

He also urged whoever could donate money to reduce the strain on the U.S. health system to do so.

*Friendly reminder: Those medicines were prescribed by a doctor who knew Daniel’s particular medical history. Please, do not self-prescribe. You could die.

17. Indira Varma, actress

The English actress played the lover of Oberyn Martel on Game of Thrones. Indira announced on Instagram that she was ill with coronavirus on March 19.

The 46-year-old, who was also appeared in other series such as Rome, Paranoid, and Carnival Row, simply wrote:

“I’m in bed with it and it’s not nice. Stay safe and healthy and be kind to your fellow people.”

She has not given any updates on how she is faring, but she is probably recuperated by now.

One of her Game of Thrones co-stars, the Norwegian Kristofer Hivju, also tested positive for the virus three days before.

Kristofer took to Instagram to share with his followers: “Greetings from Norway! Sorry to say that I, today, have tested positive for COVID 19 (…). My family and I are self-isolating at home for as long as it takes. We are in good health -I only have mild symptoms of a cold.”

And then he shared advice on how to keep the virus from spreading to protect “our entire community, and especially those at risk like the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions.”

18. Placido Domingo, opera singer

Placido is another celebrity that has tested positive for coronavirus. Here he is during a Three Tenors concert in 1994. Placido is the one on the left, Jose Carreras is in the middle, and Luciano Pavarotti is on the right.

On Sunday, March 22, the opera legend announced he had tested positive for the virus and went into self-isolation. He referred his symptoms were mild; he only had a slight fever and a cough.

A week later, though, on Saturday 28, news sources said Placido Domingo had been rushed to a hospital in Acapulco, Mexico. And that a spokesman for the 79-year-old had said the celebrity was stable and would remain in hospital “as long as the doctors find it necessary.”

But the Spaniard took to Facebook on Monday 30 and wrote:

“Official Statement:

Dear friends, a lot of confusing and incorrect information about my current health condition has been circulated in social networks and in the press.

I am at home and I feel fine.

Fortunately from the very first symptom I was, as usual, under medical supervision, given my age and my comorbidity, therefore the COVID19 infection was immediately suspected and this helped me a lot.

Now I continue my therapy and rest.”

So, apparently, he was not hospitalized at all.

Placido Domingo is one of the most famous opera singers in the world, one-third of the ‘Three tenors,’ along with Luciano Pavarotti and Jose Carreras.

Other celebrities that have caught the bug:

U.S. singers Pink and Sara Bareilles, English actress Linda Lusardi from Dancing with the Stars and Loose Women, musician David Bryan from Bon Jovi, German high-profile politician Friedrich Merz, U.S. journalist Chris Cuomo, Canada’s First Lady Sophie Trudeau, U.S. Broadway star Aaron Tveit, U.S. actress Rachel Matthews, U.S. singer Charlotte Lawrence, U.S. reality television personality Colton Underwood, U.S. Broadway star Laura Bell Bundy, CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin, U.S. singer-songwriter Jackson Browne, U.S. soap opera actor Greg Rikaart, U.S comedian Michael Yo, U.S. country singer Kalie Shorr, singer Ray Benson, Colombian cyclist Fernando Gaviria, Spain’s equality minister Irene Montero, French Culture Minister Franck Riester, Brazilian president’s press secretary Fabio Wajngarten, Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, Iran’s Vice President Massoumeh Ebtek, Iran’s deputy health minister Iraj Harirchi, and Chilean writer Luis Sepulveda.

All of them seem to be recovering, while U.S. Singer-songwriter Adam Schlesinger, Cameroonian musician Manu Dibango, and Japanese comedian Ken Shimura died from the disease.

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