Burning questions: Is Justin Bieber married? Who is his wife?

Your 9 burning questions about the Biebs’ marriage answered

Is Justin Bieber married?

Yes, Justin Bieber is married to model Hailey Baldwin. They tied the knot quietly in a New York City courthouse on September 13, 2018. Then after a year, on September 30, 2019, the couple married again, this time in a religious ceremony.

The religious ceremony took place in South Carolina on September 30, 2019.

Who is Justin Bieber’s wife?

Justin Bieber’s wife is Hailey Baldwin. The model was born in Tucson, Arizona, 22 years ago. And her family is in the entertainment business.

Mrs. Bieber’s dad is actor Stephen Baldwin who starred in several movies in the 90’s, including Threesome and The Usual Suspects. Stephen’s three brothers are actors too: Alec Baldwin (Beetlejuice, The Aviator, The Departed, 2 Mission Impossible movies, TV show 3D Rock), Daniel Baldwin (Mullholland Falls, Paparazzi), and William Baldwin (Flatliners, Backdraft, Silver…).

Hailey’s mom is Kennya Deodato, a graphic designer from Brazil. Kennya’s dad is also in the entertainment business. He is Eumir Deodato, a famous Brazilian musician who has been nominated for several Grammys.

Hailey’s parents have been married since 1990.

Hailey is a model. Here she is on the cover of Vogue in October 2019.

Hailey started taking ballet lessons at five and wanted to become a professional ballerina, but a foot injury prevented her. She also likes acting, she even trained for 7 years in musical theater.

Yet, for the time being she has chosen modeling. Ford Models signed her when she was 17, and she has worked for Bolon Eyewear, Adidas, Guess, H&M. She is the face of Daniel Wellington watches, Levi’s Jeans, and Charles & Keith fashion. And has appeared in the covers of magazines such as Style, Marie Claire, Bazaar, Elle, and Vogue.

Hailey mostly does campaigns, since she has stated she is too short 1.70 m (5’7″) to be a full-fledged runway model. Nevertheless, the Arizona native has walked for the likes of Dolce & Gabanna, Moschino, and Elie Saab.

Hailey has posed for brands like Bolon, Adidas, and Guess. March 21, 2019.

Hailey walking for Dolce & Gabanna in 2016.

Since their marriage, the Hollywood couple has taken advantage of their combined star power and posed together. In March 2019, Justin and Hailey were on the cover of Vogue Magazine. And in October 2019 they posed for a Calvin Klein add campaign.

The newlyweds on Vogue’s cover in March 2019.

Hailey, who was home-schooled since she was 8, has always liked to alter her clothes herself by cutting and combining them. She says she has a very strong vision of what she wants her look to be, and that, eventually, she wants to design her own clothes.

Like Justin, Hailey is a devout Christian. Her parents are born again Christians who take religion very seriously. Justin and Hailey attend church regularly.

How did Justin and Hailey meet?

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My wife and I 🙂 where it all began

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Justin and Hailey met backstage at the Today Show, where Justin was performing in 2009.

12-year-old Hailey was a fan of Justin’s music, so her dad took her to the Today Show to see the Canadian perform. Then Stephen and Hailey went backstage to meet the singer, and Stephen introduced the youngsters. There is even a video of the fated moment. The pair went on to become friends.

They have stated they dated briefly in 2016. But it was not a serious relationship back then. Justin was still mid his long on-and-off relationship with singer Selena Gomez. He dated Hailey during one of the ‘off’ times with Selena, when he was not looking for a serious relationship. Hailey too, during an interview she gave E! at the time, said they were not dating exclusively. The flirtation, though, ended badly. By August 2016 Justin had unfollowed Hailey’s Instagram, and the former best friends did not speak to each other for two years.

Justin and Hailey during their fling in January 2016.

When did Justin Bieber get engaged?

Justin and Hailey got engaged in July 7, 2018.

Justin announcing their engagement in July 2018.

Justin and Selena parted ways for good in March 2018. A few months later, in June, Justin and Hailey bumped into each other at a conference in Miami. They mended fences and began dating again.

And a month later, on July 7, Justin proposed to Hailey while they were vacationing in Bahamas. The model, evidently, said yes. And they took to Instagram and Twitter to share their joyous news with their fans.

Later on, Justin stated during a Vogue interview that part of the rush to get married was because he had been chaste for over a year. He became a devout Christian in his early 20’s and realized his sleeping around was not good for his emotional or mental health. So he decided to save himself for marriage. Which he was doing when he started his relationship with Hailey.

Aside from lust, love played a part in the wedding rush, too. Years earlier, during a 2016 interview with GQ, the singer stated that Hailey was “someone that I really loved,” and back then he was already thinking he could end up marrying Hailey. Hailey, on her part, has made no secret of her long-standing love for Justin.


Hailey twitting about her engagement.

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absolute best friend.

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The engaged lovebirds in August 2018.

When did Justin Bieber get married?

Justin and Hailey the day of their religious wedding,
September 30, 2019.

Justin tied the knot in a New York courthouse on September 13, 2018. And the following year, on September 30, 2019, the couple had a bigger religious wedding at the Montage Palmetto Bluff resort, in South Carolina.

The couple had planned to have the religious ceremony soon after the civil one, but Justin was going through a rough time so it was postponed. Justin has been open about his mental health struggles, he has been depressed and attending therapy. He has credited wife Hailey with being his rock and helping him through the hard times.

The Canadian star became famous when he was 13 years old and has lived a fast life since. Plus, since that age he has dealt with the responsibilities of a grown up, such as having employees, business contracts, managing finances, etc. So now in his mid-twenties he is taking a step back to deal with his past mistakes -according to his own words- and to reassess his path.

But by September 30, 2019, roughly one year after the first ceremony, the couple was ready to say their “I do’s” once more, this time in front of 154 guests. The religious ceremony took place at the Montage Palmetto Bluff, a resort set in 20,000 acres of land and that has southern-style houses for the guests. Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran, Kendall and Kayle Jenner, Jaden Smith, and Usher were among the guests.

The couple exchanged Tiffany wedding bands at sunset in the resorts’ chapel, and then danced to their song “It’s your love.” The reception lasted until about 1 am, but some of the guests kept partying in other sections of the resort until 5 am.

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Looking forward to forever with you @haileybieber

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Bride and groom striking a pose. September 30, 2019.

Who designed Hailey Baldwin’s wedding dress?

Hailey’s wedding gown was designed by Virgil Abloh, a friend of hers that is the artistic director of Louis Vuitton menswear. Then, for the reception, she changed into a custom Ralph & Russo halter dress.

The night before the wedding, for the rehearsal dinner, she wore a silk Vivianne Westood short dress, also in white.

The wedding gown was designed by Hailey’s friend Virgil Abloh.

For the reception Hailey wore a custom Ralph & Russo halter dress.

How old are Justin and Hailey?

Justin is 25 years old and Hailey is 22. He was born in Ontario, Canada, on March 1, 1994. While she was born in Tucson, Arizona, United States on November 22, 1996.

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Go best friend that’s my best friend

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Hailey and Justin in July 2019.

Justin and Hailey have been friends for 10 years. In this picture of November 2019 they were already married.

Where do Justin and Hailey live?

The couple’s California home, which is on sale.

Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey have two homes, one in Ontario (Canada) and another in California (U.S).

The couple first bought the home in Ontario, which is where Justin grew up. It is a two-story house that stands in 101 acres of land. It has a gym, a home theater, stables with a racing track, and a lake view. Reportedly Justin payed 5 million dollars for the secluded home. It is perfect to have privacy and take a break from the limelight.

Their second home, on the other hand, is in the limelight: in Beverly Hills, California. They bought it in 2019 for 8.5 million dollars. The house is two-stories high, it has 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, but unlike its Canadian sibling, it sits on a small lot, with the house itself occupying most of it. It does have a small garden and a pool. Yet, on October 2019 Justin posted on Instagram several pictures of the house and said he is selling it. Want to take another look at their humble Californian abode? Here are two more pictures:

Their home in Beverly Hills, California.

Their bedroom in Beverly Hills.

Does Justin Bieber have children?

No, Justin and Hailey do not have any children yet. They are enjoying their time together and prefer to start a family later on.

They do have pets, though: a small dog called Oscar, which they introduced to the world in December 2018, and a pair of cats that go by the name of Tuna and Sushi, bought in August 2019.

The Biebers do not have children yet, but they do have pets: this is Oscar.

Mrs. Beiber with their kittens Tuna and Sushi.

Bonding time: Tuna, Sushi, and Oscar.

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