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Black and white photo. Is a picture of France's cabinet members. Napoleon's son is in the middle.

Napoleon’s Children -This is What Happened to Them

Some of Napoleon’s children grew up to be train wrecks. Others became respected figures on their own right. Find out which was which.

Painting of Napoleon in military uniform surrounded by his officers and foreign officers that are surrendering.

Was Napoleon Short, or Is That a Lie?

Scholars say Napoleon was of average height. Yet, his friends always described him as short. What gives?

Three pictures. One is of Nicole Richie, the one in the middle of Daisy from the Dukes of Hazzard, the third one of actor Troy Gutierrez.

26 Actors You Had No Clue Were Mexican  

Think you can tell which celebrities are Mexican? Well, some are not so easy to spot.

Photo of Spider-Man.

15 English Actors You Thought Were American  

These English actors nailed the American accent and got people thinking they were from the US. How many of them fooled you?


Photo of actor Eric Dane.

38 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Jewish

You might know that Barbra Streisand and Bette Midler are Jewish, but did you know THESE celebrities are Jewish too?

Egyptian relief. Caesarion is presenting gifts to the goddess Isis.

Here is What Happened to Cleopatra’s 4 Children- And It Is Sad

Cleopatra had four children: one with Caesar and three with Antony. But what happened to them after she died? Hint: one of them made it big time.

Death Masks of 12 of Your Favorite Historical Figures

Ever wondered what Napoleon, Mary of Scots, or Washington really looked like? Find out thanks to their death masks.

Meet the 6 Richest Self-Made Women in the World

Can you guess how much money each one of them has? Hint: there are a lot of zeroes.


Oil painting of a young reclining Cleopatra. She is in elegant Egyptian garb.

What did Cleopatra Look Like?

Let’s find out what Cleopatra really looked like through her statues and coins.

Catherine the Great lovers

Catherine the Great’s Lovers: These Are the 12 Men She Loved

Catherine the Great always had a lover by her side. Most of them were younger military men. She fell madly in love with some, with others were her plaything. These are the 12 lovers of Catherine the Great.


Simon Bolivar in 15 Gripping Facts

Simon Bolivar is a dashing mix between Washington and Lincoln. He freed five countries from Spanish rule.

A royal family waving from the palace's balcony

Bet You Didn’t Know These 9 Royals Were South American

This list includes current queens, like Maxima of the Netherlands, and several princesses. Hola!

A pyramid in the desert

4 Cool, Ancient African Kingdoms That Will Surprise You

These 4 sub-Saharan kingdoms were powerful and wealthy, but you probably did not learn about them in school (none of them is Egypt!). Do check them out.


Robin Williams and another man are inside a military base. Robin is saying something to the officer and making him laugh.

These Robin Williams Quotes Will Make You Laugh

Need a laugh? These funny quotes by Robin Williams might do the trick.

A large, monumental city square. It is surrounded by European-style buildings. The ocean is in the background.

The 8 Oldest Cities in the Americas

The results surprised us, but can YOU guess which are the oldest cities in the Americas (founded by Europeans)?

37 Old Maps That Will Blow Your Mind

Look at maps made by the Greeks 2,500 years ago, at the first map that includes the New World, or the first that uses the name ‘America…’

25 of the Most Unflattering Royal Portraits Ever

Thought every painter made their sitter look pretty, especially when their sitter is a royal? Think again.

A realistic map of the world. It shows all the continents in green. There are no political divisions. There seem to be 2 or 3 big landmasses.

How Many Continents Are There, Really: 5, 7…?

Some people swear there are four continents, other say there are five, six, or even seven. So who is right?

The faces of four men. From left to right: Lucius Verus, Maximian, Caligula, Caracalla.

Find Out What the Roman Emperors Looked Like -Here Are Their Faces

Nero was blondish and had blue eyes, while Hadrian was elegant and tall. Want to know what the other Roman emperors looked like?

A woman's face sculpted in silver. She wears an elephant headdress, she has wavy hair, a forehead that slants backwards, curved eyebrows, big eyes, an aquiline nose, small mouth, prominent rounded chin. The work is Roman or Greek.

Cleopatra’s Daughter: Cleopatra Selene in 12 Facts

Cleopatra Selene was the queen of Mauretania. She was also the daughter of the famous Cleopatra. Learn about Selene’s roller-coaster life in 12 fast facts.

An old sepia photo. A line of soldiers. They are all wearing masks.

Spanish Flu: What Worked Against It, and What Stopped It

These are the treatments and measures that worked against the Spanish flu. Plus, what brought the pandemic to a halt.

A cemetery with many neatly lined tombstones.

Spanish Flu Death Toll: How Many Died?

The Spanish flu was the worst pandemic in history. So how many died, and which countries were hit the hardest?

Eight young, strong soldiers wearing casual clothes stand in a yard with their arms crossed.

The 6 Traits That Made the Spanish Flu So Deadly

The Spanish flu was the worst pandemic in history. These are the traits that made it so deadly.

Cleopatra’s Face: 128 Ancient Coins That Show Her Face

Ready to see coins with Cleopatra’s image? She issued most of them.

Oil painting. A woman looks herself intently in a hand-held mirror. She has black hair pulled back, and idealized Greek profile, and pale skin.

Was Cleopatra Beautiful? What the Sources Say

Cleopatra is known as the ultimate seductress. Let’s find out what the ancient sources say about her beauty.

An oil painting from the 17th century. It shows a young Caesar in military attire leading Cleopatra to her throne.

Was Julius Caesar Handsome? What the Sources Say

Here is what the ancient sources say about Caesar’s beauty – or lack there of. While we are at it, let’s look at his statues.

A stone relief. Three people are pulling a horse on wheels. A woman looks at the scene.

What is the Trojan Horse?

According to myth, the Ancient Greeks used a “Trojan horse” to end a war. Here is a short explanation about this famous horse.

14 Accomplishments of Catherine the Great

Why is Catherine called ‘great’? Let’s find out.

Catherine the Great Fact Check. Which Rumours Are True?

Was Catherine the Great a nymphomaniac? Did she have a string of younger lovers? Did she collect erotic furniture? Find out which rumours are true.

Catherine the Great’s Death: Horse or no Horse?

So how did Catherine the Great really die? Was there a horse involved?

A big Siberian tiger laying down.

Siberian Tigers From A to Z: Information and Photos

Want to know all the basics about Siberian tigers? Here you go.

Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy during a scene of the movie Mad Max.

24 Co-Stars Who Hated Each Other

Some of these co-stars actually hated one another. Did they succeed at making you believe they were a loving couple or best friends?

A Japanese toddler walks next to her grandmother. She seems in shock.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki After the Bomb (In Pictures)

This is how Hiroshima and Nagasaki, two prosperous Japanese cities, looked after they were hit with atomic bombs in 1945. In pictures.

A flying machine with propellers.

9 US Inventions We Are All Grateful For

These 9 inventions, Made in the USA, have shaped our modern world. Some of them, like the internet and refrigerators, we use every single day.

Panoramic view of Tehran at night

The Iran You Have Not Seen (In Pictures)

These awesome pictures show the other side of Iran, from ski slopes to high-tech space centres.

Painting of a posh family dressed in elegant clothes. The father, mother and children, praying in a posh room.

Here Are Simon Bolivar’s 4 Greatest Achievements

Here are Simon Bolivar’s greatest achievements so you know, in a nutshell, why Netflix has a series about him.

The 3 Mistakes of Simon Bolivar -Hero Gone Wrong

Simon Bolivar freed 5 countries. Yet, the South American hero died unloved in exile. What went wrong?

17 Curious Facts About Elon Musk

Get to know Elon Musk. Here are 17 fun facts about the charismatic entrepreneur.

Picture of a SpaceX spacecraft floating in space with the Earth behind it.

8 Companies Owned by Elon Musk

Travel, cars, and human-computer interactions will never be the same. These 8 audacious companies founded by Elon Musk are spicing things up.

Key to the Spread of the Spanish Flu: the War

The Spanish flu was always going to be deadly. But it was the wartime conditions that helped it become the worst pandemic in history.

Simon Bolivar’s Death Mask: the Real Face of the South American Hero

Take a peak at the real face of Simon Bolivar. Here is his death mask.

picture of deadpool and bobba fett

Watch These Fun Rap Battles Between Historical Figures (Videos)

If you haven’t discovered the “Epic rap battles” series on YouTube, you’ve missed some serious fun. But worry not, we’ve listed the 11 best battles for you.

Close up of the face of an endangered Sumatran tiger

9 Endangered Animals You Won’t Want to Part With

Some of your favorite animals might be on the brink of extinction. Find out which.

Apollo 15: Mission, Achievements, and Controversies

All about Apollo 15. What was new in this mission, its achievements, mishaps, and scandals.

Spanish Flu: The Real Origin of the 1918 Pandemic

The disease was not so Spanish after all. The “Spanish flu” probably originated in the U.S., in France, or in China. Sorry, Spain.

A dozen police officers stand in the street wearing heavy winter coats and masks.

What Was the Spanish Flu -And Its Symptoms

The Spanish flu was the deadliest pandemic ever. So what was it, and what were its symptoms?

Picture of actor Idris Elba

18 Celebrities That Tested Positive for Coronavirus

April. Coronavirus spares no one. Check out the A-listers, famous athletes, singers, prime ministers, and royals that caught the bug.

new animals discovered

Which of These Recently Discovered Animals is Your Favorite?

Here are 9 cool animals discovered in the last decades, from whales and ‘saolas’ to an alien-looking squid.

catherine the great -biography, accomplishments, death

Catherine the Great in 10 Intriguing Facts

Catherine the Great was born in Germany. Yet, she managed to become the empress of Russia. Find out more about Cat.

Taylor Swift’s Net Worth Will Make You A Little Envious

(Oct. 2019) An A to Z of Taylor Swift’s finances. Here is how the mega star earns and spends her dollars.

justin bieber net worth

Justin Bieber’s Surprising Net Worth

The 25-year-old makes more money in a year than most people during their lifetime. So let’s see how Justin Bieber makes his money, and the price tag of his houses.

impeached presidents

Here Are the U.S. Presidents That Were Impeached -And Why

Only 3 U.S. presidents have really, truly faced impeachment. Find out who is the unlucky trio, and why they were impeached.