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The 11 Best Epic Rap Battles of History (with videos)

If you haven't discovered the "Epic rap battles" series on YouTube, you've missed some serious witty fun. Take a look, here are 11 very best rap battles.


Painting of a posh family dressed in elegant clothes. The father, mother and children, praying in a posh room.

Simon Bolivar’s Four Greatest Accomplishments

Here are Simon Bolivar’s 3 greatest achievements so you know why there is a Netflix series about him and why statues of him decorate all Western capitals.

Death Masks: The Real Faces of 11 of Your Favorite Historical Figures

Here are the death masks of 11 historical figures so you can see what Napoleon, Mary Queen of Scots, Washington, and Martin Luther truly looked like.

Spanish Flu: The Real Origin of the 1918 Pandemic

The disease was not so Spanish after all. The “Spanish flu” probably originated in the U.S., in France, or in China. Sorry, Spain.

11 European Countries Where People Rock Their Traditional Clothes (In Pictures)

And they totally should, for their traditional clothing is amazing. (In pictures).


Why Is Catherine the Great ‘Great’? Her Accomplishments

Why is Catherine called ‘great’? Well, she was a bit of an overachiever who transformed her country. Here are her accomplishments.

Catherine the Great’s Death: Horse or no Horse?

So how did Catherine the Great really die? Was there a horse involved?

Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy during a scene of the movie Mad Max.

Co-Stars Who Disliked Working Together

Some of these co-stars actually hated one another. Did they succeed at making you believe they were a loving couple or best friends?

A flying machine with propellers.

These 9 US Inventions Shaped Our World

These 9 inventions, Made in the USA, have shaped our modern world. Some of them, like the internet and refrigerators, we use every single day.


Catherine the Great lovers

Catherine the Great’s Lovers: These Are the 12 Men She Loved

Catherine the Great always had a lover by her side. Most of them were younger military men. She fell madly in love with some, with others were her plaything. These are the 12 lovers of Catherine the Great.

13 Cool Facts About Samurais

Did you know samurais gave beheaded heads as gifts? Or that samurai’s daughters and wives learned to fight?


Catherine the Great Fact Check. Which Rumours Are True?

Was Catherine the Great a nymphomaniac? Did she have a string of younger lovers? Did she collect erotic furniture? Find out which rumours are true.

A royal family waving from the palace's balcony

Bet You Didn’t Know These 9 Royals Are South Americans

The list includes queens, crown princesses, and other royals.

A pyramid in the desert

4 Ancient African Kingdoms You Probably Don’t Know

These 4 sub-Saharan kingdoms were powerful and wealthy, but you probably did not learn about them in school (none of them is Egypt!). Do check them out.


Painting. A luxurious room inside a palace. Catherine sits on the right and a an elegantly man bows before her.

What was Catherine the Great Like? Temperament and Looks

Was Catherine the Great tough or merry? She was merry. She loved to laugh, was cultured, friendly, and charming. She was not the belle of the ball, though.

A big Siberian tiger laying down.

Siberian Tigers From A to Z: Information and Photos

Want to know all the basics about Siberian tigers? Here you go.

17 Facts You Didn’t Know About Elon Musk

Curious about Elon Musk? These 17 little-known fun facts about the charismatic entrepreneur will get you to know him better.

Picture of a SpaceX spacecraft floating in space with the Earth behind it.

These Elon Musk Companies Are Propelling You Into the Future

Travel, cars, and human-computer interactions will never be the same. These 8 audacious companies founded by Elon Musk are spicing things up.

These Are the 8 Best Nude Beaches the World Has to Offer

Dare to bare it all. In these beaches from all over the world nudism is allowed, actually in some of them, nudism is mandatory.

Catherine the Great’s Biggest Failure: Serfdom

Catherine the Great thought serfdom/slavery was an inhumane institution. Yet she ultimately reinforced. Why?

Simon Bolivar in 15 Facts: Get to Know the South American Hero

Simon Bolivar is a dashing mix between Washington and Lincoln. He freed 5 countries from Spanish rule and abolished slavery in those territories. Get to know Simon through 15 interesting facts.

Simon Bolivar, This Is the Real Face of the South American Hero

There are plenty of portraits of Simon Bolivar floating around. But which one is accurate? Here is the real face of the Liberator of South America taken from no other than his death mask.

Close up of the face of an endangered Sumatran tiger

9 Endangered Animals You Won’t Want to Part With

Some of your favorite animals might be on the brink of extinction. The list includes stunning tigers and powerful gorillas.

Apollo 15: Mission, Achievements, and Controversies

All about Apollo 15. What was new in this mission, its achievements, mishaps, and scandals.

The History of the Spanish Flu, the Pandemic That Killed Millions

The Spanish flu broke out in military camps and then spread to towns and cities during WWI, killing millions. Why was it so deadly? How did it spread so fast? And how did it stop?

Picture of Meghan and Harry smiling at an engagement

Meghan and Harry’s New Website Redirects to “Charity Fraud,” “Gold Digger,” and More

Here is a list of all the fake websites that impersonate Meghan Markle’s charity. They redirect to Kanye’s video “Gold Digger,” to a page on “Charity fraud,” to the “Gaslighter” song, and to other prank-pages.

Picture of actor Idris Elba

18 Celebrities That Tested Positive for Coronavirus

April. Coronavirus spares no one. Check out the A-listers, famous athletes, singers, prime ministers, and royals that caught the bug.

new animals discovered

Which of These Recently Discovered Animals is Your Favorite?

Here are 9 cool animals discovered in the last decades, from whales and ‘saolas’ to an alien-looking squid.

catherine the great -biography, accomplishments, death

How did Catherine the Great Become Tsarina? A Mini-bio

Catherine the Great was born in Germany to a minor noble family. Yet, she managed to become the empress of Russia. How did she do it? And who was she?

Taylor Swift’s Net Worth Will Make You A Little Envious

(Oct. 2019) An A to Z of Taylor Swift’s finances. Here is how the mega star earns and spends her dollars.

justin bieber net worth

Justin Bieber’s Surprising Net Worth

The 25-year-old makes more money in a year than most people during their lifetime. So let’s see how Justin Bieber makes his money, and the price tag of his houses.

impeached presidents

The U.S. Presidents That Were Impeached and Why

Only 3 U.S. presidents have really, truly faced impeachment. Find out who is the unlucky trio, and why they were impeached.

what is impeachment, definition

So, Exactly What Is Impeachment? All About Impeachment

What is impeachment? Who can be impeached? What offenses can lead to an impeachment? How does the process of impeachment work? These and 5 more questions about impeachment answered.

justin bieber married

All About Justin Bieber’s Marriage And Relationship With Hailey

We keep you in the loop about Justin Bieber’s civil state: is he married? to whom? since when?…

animals thought extinct, species thought extinct, lazarus species

12 Animals Everyone Feared Extinct, But Aren’t

They were just playing hide and seek. And we are happy these 12 cuddly creatures were rediscovered in recent years, after being out of sight for decades or centuries.

Murder cold cases solved in 2019, killers caught

Cold Cases: 4 Chilling Murders Solved in 2019

The killers had gotten away with the perfect crime, but the police kept investigating and solved these 4 cold cases in 2019, including the Bear Brook murders which involved a serial killer.

most viewed youTube videos

The 22 Most Viewed Videos on YouTube (With Videos)

(Oct. 2019) Not to ruin the suspense, but all the most viewed YouTube videos are songs, except for an endearing children’s show. This article includes the videos and the story behind each of them.

who created your favorite social media, like youtube and instagram

Who Invented Your Favorite Apps and Websites, Like YouTube and Instagram?

Bet you don’t know. But nor for long. Here are the inventors of your favorite 15 websites and apps. Plus, how they came up with the ideas.

most viewed youtube music videos 2019

Which Are the 10 Most Viewed Videos of 2019, On YouTube? (With Videos)

Did your favorite song made it into the top ten? It’s a fierce competition. This awesome list includes the music videos plus the story behind each song. (Updated on Nov. 2019)

largest empires -with maps

16 of the Largest Empires the World Has Seen (With Maps)

See the world map change as one empire succeeds another. These are 16 of the largest empires ever, from Mongolia’s mega empire to Britain’s.

These Are the 10 Best-Selling Novels of All Time

These best-selling novels have proven they are people’s favorites (Pssst: did Harrry Potter make into the list?)

ancient cities, big cities

These Were the 6 Largest Cities From 1000 to 1 BC.

And they were also splendid. These 6 ancient cities had gardens, magnificent buildings, and some of them even had shopping malls.

largest palaces, picture of the Louvre

Take a Look at the 5 Largest Palaces In the World

Some of these royal palaces are so luxurious they even have air-conditioned stables. Word.

adventurers, feats, explorers

The feats These 3 Adventurers Accomplished Will Leave You Speechless

These extreme adventurers have walked through deserts and jungles, swam tropical rivers, and rowed the largest oceans. They have broke records doing so.

big cities, ancient cities

These Big Cities Were Thriving 4,000 Years Ago

These 5 mega cities had laws, writing systems, water supply, irrigation control, and more… 4,000 years ago!

most expensive paintings in the world. leonardo, gaugin, cezanne, klimt, de kooning, pollock

These Are the 6 Most Expensive Paintings in the World

Somebody sure broke their piggy bank. These are the 6 most expensive paintings ever sold. What do you think, are they worth it?

atheistic religions

These 4 Atheistic Religions are Doing Just Fine Without a God

Atheistic religions are quite popular in Asia. Instead of relying on an external god, they focus on self-development.